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Hello and Welcome to the Forces of Nature web page.

Forces of Nature is made up of members who enjoy both PvE and RvR, there is no set requirement of weekly realm points a member must hold, the main thing is that members have fun and help their fellow guildmates when possible.  You will have the support of other players, some of us are crafters and can help with armor, weapons and so forth.  There will be other members on that can group with you as you level and you will have the support of the guild for any information that you might need.  We believe in supporting/helping but none of us have reached 50 simply by being powered leveled, we have worked  hard at leveling and playing our characters well.  Most of the higher levels will help out when you need it, but to just log on in /gu and ask for a power level will get you nowhere fast.  We are also in the Legion of Lions alliance which is a very active and powerful alliance.

Forces of Nature rules are very simple, and all members are to abide by them at all times:

Be Nice:  Do not insult, kill steal, harass another player in the game.  FoN strives to have a good reputation within the realm.  Rather you be the bigger person and walk away from the situation then get into an duspute with someone.

Be Civil:  If you have a problem with another guild member and can not resolve the problem in a mature way then speak to an officer or GM about the problem in private.  If you have a problem with a player from another guild, contact an officer, tell them the issue and let them attempt to fix it. 

Don't Beg:  Do not beg for money or Power Leveling anywhere ingame or spam it in /gc chat.  If you ask in guild chat and someone offers to help that is fine, members of FoN are encouraged to help one another, however they are not required to do so. 

Officers:  Sometime you might not agree with what an officer has to say, or with the actions of an officer.  You may be in the right, however do not curse or become hostile to that officer.  You should appeal it to a higher officer and try to resolve it that way.  Hostile, abusive language towards an officer will not be tolerated at any time and will result in being removed from the guild regardless if you were right in the first place. All of the officers of FON and their alts are listed if there is a question or a problem get with one of them.  As they say in the military: Use the chain of command.

Guild Chat /GU Rules /AS Rules

1).   Please speak nicely to fellow guild members and players from the realm.  This game is team based, the next time you decide to curse out the player for one reason or another, you might need their help down the road so it pays to be nice and civil to others.

2).  Racial or Ethnic slurs are not allowed in /gu chat.  Doing so will get you dropped from the guild without question.

3). Spamming in guild chat should be kept to a minimum.  It's perfectly fine to see if anyone ingame needs an item that you found, but it doesn't mean /gu chat becomes your private auction area. 

4).  All of the above rules also apply to Alliance Chat, bottom line.

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Lezil, Apr 18, 14 10:32 PM.
i have become a supporter and will have extra beta accounts, contact me on here my old guildies, and i will reclaim our world when it comes!

We're back again!!!

Chickengiblet, Feb 14, 13 12:17 PM.
We are back in DAoC.  If you used to play and are back look us up!!!


Chickengiblet, Jan 5, 10 7:32 PM.
Yes we are BACK IN DAOC!!!!

Allot have move to Aion (Zikel Server playing Elyos)

Chickengiblet, Oct 14, 09 11:56 AM.
We are trying out Aion on the Zikel server Elyos side!!  Hope to see you there!!

New Alliance !!! Tuatha de Dagda

Chickengiblet, Feb 3, 09 6:27 PM.
We have joined a new more active alliance.  Everyone please visit and register and read the rules.   I hope everyone steps up and does whatever they can to be of any assistance.

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